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Positive Pay

Reduce your exposure to fraud risk with Positive Pay. This service lets us match the checks you issue with the ones that come back for payment. We'll be on the lookout for counterfeit or altered checks to help you identify them before they are charged to your account.

ACH Payments

Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic payment system that improves office productivity and efficiency. ACH automatically processes monthly payments such as insurance premiums, utilities and dues. This time‐saving system means you'll spend less time processing paper and more time building your business.

ACH Block/Filter

The Home Loan Savings Bank is happy to offer account protection in the form of ACH Block/Filter. ACH Block automatically prevents electronic debits from posting to your account, while ACH Filter allows only authorized debit entries to post.

Wire Transfers

Whether you need to transfer money across the country or down the street use our Online Wire Service. This service lets you move money quickly and securely to any bank account in the country--without having to leave your desk.